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CWC Mentors List

The Corridor WoodCrafters mentor list

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Baby Cradles Chuck Graybill
Bandsaw Grant Smith
Cabinet Making Perrry Coffman, Vern Rotert
Carving Jim West, Joannie West
Chemical Applications Chuck Graybill
Domino joinery John Schwartzkopf
Dovetails Jeff Kromminga
Dust Collection Design Perry Coffman, Vern Rotert
Entertainment centers Vern Rotert
Exotic woods and materials John Schwartzkopf
Finishing techniques John Schwartzkopf
Furniture restoration Chuck Graybill, Mark Goodsmith
Geometry Chuck Graybill
Glass Cutting Chuck Gray Bill, Joannie West
Hand Planes Perry Coffman
Hand Tools Perry Coffman
Harvesting and Drying Wood Grant Smith
Intarsia Joannie West
Laser etching in wood Jerry Herman
Machine Tool Alignment Grant Smith
Making spoons Perry Coffman
Pen making Jim Bodine
Picture Frames Chuck Graybill
Raised Panel Doors Perry Coffman
Router Bowls Jime West
Scroll saw Tammy Smith, Joannie West
Segmented turning Don Coleman
Shaker Boxes Jerry Herman
Sketch-up Vern Rotert
Table saw Grant Smith, John Schwartzkopf
Tool Q and A Grant Smith, Chuck Graybill, John Schwartzkopf
Tool restoration Chuck Graybill
Tool sharpening Perry Coffman, Joannie West
Toy and model making Chuck Martinec
Toy boxes Mark Goodsmith
Wood movement design Grant Smith,
Wood Sculpture John Schwartzkopf
Wood Turning Tom Nehl, Jim and Joannie West, Jim Bodine