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Corridor Woodcrafters Club Meeting – August 4, 2016
    We met in the Cherry Building open area at 6:30pm.

Attendance: 21 present

Problems/Questions for club members input:  
    Don Coleman had a question on how to figure run and rise for a set of stairs he’s wanting to replace.

Upcoming: Wood Fest in Amana Friday August 26-Sunday August 28.
    There is a sign up list for people to “work” our table. Please see Jeff to sign up. Also we need people to bring projects to show and for items to sell (proceeds are donated to the club).

Near Misses:
    Jeff Richmond was making an end-grain Maple cutting board that was fairly well destroyed when he attempted to run it through his planer.
    Tom St John was awarded 4 stiches when the tenon he was turning on a bowl broke.
    Joannie West told about an instance this month where the lathe tool got jammed and was sent flying.
     Don Coleman shared something he learned about a lathe being safer when it is not placed parallel to the wall behind it. If it is placed at an angle to the wall, projects and tools will bounce away instead of back at you if they are thrown by the lathe.

Show and Tell:
    Chuck Murphy brought in a cedar chest where he filled in punky areas of wood with epoxy and metal flakes to turn the bad wood into interesting design areas. Corners were box joints.
     Larry Luebbert brought a Maple box with a raised panel of Hawaiian Koa. The corners were also pinned with 1/8” Koa pins. He has had the Koa in his garage since 1977.
     Richard Greer brought a couple canes one of Hedge and one of Ebony and Pink Ivory. He calls that his Musical Cane. Both are custom fit to his bigger hands.
     Joannie West showed the bowl that she was working on for her demo of In Lace work last month.
     Tom Nehl showed a vase turned from Maple and triple dyed. He also had a live-edge bowl turned from locust that was inadvertently dyed while sitting next to his other bowl. He painted the outside black for a dramatic look. Tom displayed 3 pens as well.
     Vern Rotert showed off a 4 drawer end table made of ¼ sawn White Oak veneer. He then showed how he designed it on SketchUp as a great lead-in to his demo.

New Business and announcements:
     Tom Nehl will be hosting a picnic on Sept 11.  There will be open turning from 9-12 with food to follow. There will also be a silent auction.
     Anyone interested in heading to Old Thresher’s in Mount Pleasant on Friday Sept 2 let board members know.

Raffle Winners:
Show & Tell
            $10 went to Vern Rotert
Regular raffle:
            $10 Larry Leubbert
            $15     Tom Nehl
            $20 Tim Vest

Sodas provided by Vern Rotert.

    Vern Rotert ran us through some videos that demonstrate using SketchUp for project design. It is a free but quite powerful CAD program that can be downloaded at http://www.sketchup.com/download?sketchup=make <http://www.sketchup.com/download?sketchup=make> .

Please visit the Club Web Site: http://corridorwoodcrafters.org
    Please send us pictures of your work for posting and also your thoughts on how we can  make it better. Vern Rotert is your point of contact for the website.

Next Meeting:
September 1, 6:30 pm at the JVA Mobility.
4701 J St SW, Ste A Cedar Rapids.
    The September meeting will be our annual swap meet. Bring anything woodworking related that you want to sell or trade.

October: Jameel Abraham, sharpening

November: Stacy Nehl, wood burning