Welcome to Corridor WoodCrafters

The Corridor WoodCrafters

Corridor Woodcrafters Club Meeting – January 7, 2016

We met in the Cherry Building open area at 6:30pm.

Members Present: We had 20 people attend and 1 visitor.

Visitors:  Tim Smith

Problems/Questions for club members input:   

Philip Lashmit asked a question about filling knots and worm holes with epoxy. John Schwartzkopf suggested epoxy mixed with aniline dye. He also suggested putting on a layer of finish and dipping an old dry sharpie in dye and drawing on the hardened epoxy to mimic the grain pattern. Philip has tried mixing sawdust or pencil lead/graphite with the epoxy for a dark fill. Chuck Graybill uses Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty and then colored/lined with a dark brown sharpie. Mark suggested to make sure the ink was color-fast.

Near Misses

Fritz Meineke was awarded 7 stitches when he touched the back of his hand to his bandsaw. 

New Business and announcements:

FYI: The Corridor Woodcrafters board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless announced otherwise. They are typically held at the Culvers restaurant across from the former Westdale mall beginning at 5:30pm.  All are invited to participate and or drop off an idea.

Please visit the Club Web Site: http://corridorwoodcrafters.org  

Please send us pictures of your work for posting and also your thoughts on how we can make it better. Vern Rotert is your point of contact for the website. Mark Priborsky is doing the website updates for us. Thanks Mark!

Philip Lashmit brought a 30-gal fiberboard barrel if anyone wants it. Let him know if you are interested in one.

Upcoming events and plans:

Show and Tell:                      

Mike Duss brought some Santa Claus pieces that he carved. They were mostly Basswood with Acrylic paint. He used shoe polish to give some an aged patina. He carves a new one for every Christmas.

Tom Nehl brought an applewood turned vase with wipe-on Poly. He used Lyndal’s hollowing system with a video camera connected to his computer.

Vern Rotert made a large set of hickory dice. They are each assembled from six beveled panels making them hollow.

Philip Lashmit brought in a twin bed made from walnut with wipe-on poly finish. It is half of a set of bunk beds.

Jim West showed us a vivid Box Elder bowl with wipe-on poly.

Joannie West displayed her “Little Sunshine” scroll saw picture frame

Raffle Winners:

Show & Tell – $10 went to Vern Rotert

Regular raffle:           

Milwaukee Drill Bits Chuck Murphy
$20      Dave Benderson
$15      Dave Benderson
$10      Chuck Martinec


Sodas provided by Vern Rotert. Philip Lashmit’s wife made cupcakes.

Election of Officers:

Nominations were :

Jeff Kromminga- President
Mike Duss- Vice President
Philip Lashmit- Secretary
Vern Rotert- Treasurer

They were approved as a block by a unanimous vote.


Bring your favorite/oldest tool or fixture:

Mike Duss- 1890’s Brace, spoke shave, and 1880’s adjustable plow plane.
Fritz Meineke- 1940’s Stanley 45 plane
Chuck Murphy- 1935 or earlier set of metal planes
Mike Bock- 1930’s rabbet plane.
Tom Nehl- Black and Decker drill that he bought in 1971
Dave Benderson- shooting plane
Chuck Martinec- Monkey wrench and cloth tape measure
Chuck Graybill- Blacksmith tools, a horse hoof trimming tool that he has converted into a great carving
      knife, and a drawknife. He also showed a set of spacers he devised to prevent racking in his vise.
Jeff Krominga- Stanley #7 plane.
Vern Rotert- Child’s tool set that he received as a gift just a few years ago and still finds uses for.
Jim Lee- Stanley #45 plane
Philip Lashmit- circular saw and jig saw set that chuck into a drill for their power.
Don Coleman- Dubby angle cutting jig.
Jim Clausen- hand drill that converts into a right angle drill. Patent application included.

 Membership Dues:

Yes it is approaching that time again. If not already paid please remember to submit your dues to Vern Rotert by the March meeting. Still a bargain at $25!

Next Meeting:

February 4, 6:30 pm at the Cherry Building