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Corridor Woodcrafters Club Meeting – March 3, 2016

We met in the Cherry Building open area at 6:30pm.

Visitors:  Steve Weilage and Jim Cox

Show and Tell:                      

Chuck Graybill showed pictures of a pair of deck chairs made from a baby crib.

Joannie West showed a turned cherry candle holder with burned stripes on it. She used 3 different methods for the burning.

Mike Bock showed pictures of various projects including mudroom lockers and a harvest table.

Jim West showed a silver maple turned bowl also with a ring burned on it.

Jim Bodin showed a 3 turned urns made of walnut, elm, and hackberry. The elm urn had a hand threaded lid on it.

Tom Nehl showed a turned butternut vase with a feather design burned in by Stacy. It was tinted with colored pencils that bled when finish was applied. He found that spray lacquer prevented the color from running.

Mike Duss showed 3 Scandinavian bowls at different stages of hand carving.

Jeff Kromminga showed a routed walnut chips and salsa bowl and pictures of an oak harvest table.

John Schwartzkopf showed pictures of the sculpture he completed for Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust on First Avenue.

Perry Coffman showed a scroll saw piece of a locomotive in oak.


Near Misses

Jim West tried using a forstner bit on the end of a 12” extension on his drill press. It did not go well.

Mark Goodman had an incident where a framing nailer double-fired and kicked back jamming his finger pretty badly.

Tom Nehl touched his finger on a router bit and lost some skin.

Jeff Kromminga set off his Saw Stop and claims it was wet wood.

Don Coleman got a new Saw Stop and promptly set it off when his incra jig vibrated loose and touched the side of the blade.

Chuck Graybill shared with us that Hydrogen Peroxide will take blood stains off of wood if you get to it before the blood dries.


New Business and announcements:

The Cedar Valley Woodcarvers Show titled “The Art of Wood Carving” is Saturday 3/5 from 9-5 and Sunday 3/6 from 10-4 at the Kirkwood Training Center and 3375 Armar Dr. The admission is free and several people commented that the carving is extraordinary at this show.

Mike Duss shared about a meeting he had with Matthew 25 to see if there were opportunities for the club or club members could get involved in their community outreach activities. There are a few opportunities for basic woodworking if you are interested check with Mike.

He also shared about the upcoming Maple Syrup Festival and the Indian Creek Nature Center March 19 and 20. There is a video of Mike carving on their website. http://indiancreeknaturecenter.org/gallery/maple-syrup-festival/

Joannie West shared about Langhoff Log and Lumber as a good source of local hardwoods especially turning stock. They are located off Highway 13 in Marion. The adderss is 3541 Scott Rd, Marion. 319-377-2053

Problems/Questions for club members input:   

Norm Russell shared some frustration with blotchiness when staining cherry to match existing older pieces. Grant Smith suggested wood conditioner and Joannie West suggested gel stain.

Raffle Winners:

Show & Tell – $10 went to Perry Coffman

Regular raffle:           

$10      Tom St John
$10      Mike Duss
$15      Chuck Graybill
$20      Don Coleman



            Sodas provided by Vern Rotert.


Jameel Abraham was scheduled to demonstrate hand cut dovetails, but was sick. He is rescheduled for the April meeting.

Vern Rotert and Jeff Kromminga instead demonstrated various joinery techniques.

There were half-blind and lipped half-blind dovetails, drawer lock joint, cope and stick door frame joint, sliding dovetails all cut with the router. There was also a really cool tambour door bit set and a Sommerfeld bit set for making rounded corners on cabinetry or coopering.

They also showed a couple ways to make splined miter joints, a half lap joint, and draw-bore mortise and tenon joint.

Please visit the Club Web Site: http://corridorwoodcrafters.org 

Please send us pictures of your work for posting and also your thoughts on how we can make it better. Vern Rotert is your point of contact for the website. Mark Priborsky is doing the website updates for us. Thanks Mark!

Next Meeting:

April 7, 6:30 pm at the Cherry Building