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Corridor Woodcrafters Club Meeting – October 6, 2016

We met in the Czech and Slovak Museum at 6:30pm.

Problems/Questions for club members input:   

John Schwartzkopf could use help from a couple people moving stuff back into his shop. See him after the meeting if you are available Saturday morning.


Don Coleman related a problem he had with his Saw Stop table saw. He was having trouble raising the blade. Customer service from Saw Stop was excellent and they recommended cleaning the threaded rod that raises the blade.


Chuck Martinek has a 9” Ryobi band saw that he needs parts for.

Norm Russell wanted ideas on lining a jewelry box. People suggested ways to add suede or felt linings. One suggestion was to slice grooves in foam and cover with fabric. Pushing the fabric into the grooves does well to hold rings.


Upcoming: November Club Meeting Thursday Nov 3 at 6:30 at Tom Nehl’s house at 1008 Rolling Glen Dr. Marion. Bring a chair to sit on and enjoy a demonstration by his wife Stacy on burning designs in your projects.

 December 1 Meeting will be at the Indian Creek Nature Center at 5300 Otis Road SE in the Amazing Space building.

Our Christmas Party will be Saturday December 10 at 11 am. We will again be having it at Antioch Christian Church 7215 Cottage Grove Pkwy, Marion.

Show and Tell:                      

Don Coleman brought a turned cedar platter.

Chuck Graybill showed some of his picture frames that he has repurposed from frame stock picked up at garage sales.

Jim Bodine brought salt and pepper shakers turned from Cherry and Holly.

Philip Lashmit brought a replacement crank handle he made for the table on his drill press.

Raffle Winners:

Show & Tell – $10 went to Jim Bodine

 Regular raffle:          

                        $10      Philip Lashmit

                        $15      Jack Sauers

                        $20      Tom St John


              Sodas provided by Vern Rotert.


Jameel Abraham (http://benchcrafted.com/) was back with a great demonstration on tool sharpening.

Please visit the Club Web Site: http://corridorwoodcrafters.org 

            Please send us pictures of your work for posting and also your thoughts on how we can      make it better. Vern Rotert is your point of contact for the website.