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Corridor Woodcrafters Club Meeting – 6:30 January 5, 2017 at the Cherry Building

32 people attended including 3 visitors

If anyone has any feedback on the Holiday party let the board members know.

Near Misses:

Tim Vest was cutting some 1/8” hardboard on the table saw. It was quite flimsy and had quite a kickback. Fortunately he wasn’t injured.

Show and Tell:                      

Chuck Graybill had another of his interesting commission projects with its interesting obstacles. He replicated an old recipe box in Cherry with 0.2” box joints. Actually he made 11 of these boxes with 144 fingers per box. He was looking for tips on gluing all those box joints. He and Vern Rotert came up with diluting Titebond III a little and dipping the fingers instead of brushing the glue on.

Other suggestions were to assemble the joints and let CA glue enter the joints by capillary action. (Similarly to fixing loose chair rungs.)

Chuck also showed a picture of a flag box he made for someone with a brass plaque inlaid. He used a hinge routing template to do the inlay.

Tom Nehl brought a couple Ash bowls that he turned less than 48 hours after the tree was felled. He finished them while the wood was still green and has had no cracking.

Jeff Kromminga brought a picture of an Oak grandfather clock he made. He got the plans from Sommerfeld and the works from Clockworks. 

Grant Smith brought a headboard made from Walnut and some beautifully figured Hard Maple sourced from local trees.

Officer Elections:

Nominations were accepted for:

President                     Mike Duss

Vice President                        Perry Coffman

Treasurer                    Vern Rotert

Secretary                     Mark Goodsmith

They were unanimously elected as a group.

Raffle Winners:

Show and Tell, $10 went to Grant Smith.

$10      Larry Luebbert

$15      Mike Duss

$20      John Schwartzkopf


Grant Smith did a demonstration on Jointers. Including why and how you use one and how to set one up.


Stacy Irish-Nehl will be offering a 2-day pyrography (wood burning) class at her shop on February 25th  and 26th  from 8-4:30. Her address is 1008 Rolling Glen Dr in Marion. Her Phone # is 319-521-9785 to get more information. In case of inclement weather the class will be moved to March 4th  and 5th .

Mike Duss shared that the Indian Creek Nature Center was gifted a farmstead and they are selling many of the collectables (glassware) and personal effects at a tag sale on January 14 at 9:00 at their barn facility.

Please visit the Club Web Site: http://corridorwoodcrafters.org 

Please send us pictures of your work for posting and also your thoughts on how we can make it better. Vern Rotert is your point of contact for the website.

Next Meeting will be Thursday February 2 at 6:30

If you are interested in a polo shirt with the Corridor Woodworkers logo and your name embroidered on it, email Chuck Graybill (chuck@graybillinc.com) with your size and color preference. Cost is $25